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Dealers turn to Craigslist to meet used-car demand

Used inventory is tight, so dealers are increasingly looking beyond trade-ins and wholesale auctions for cars and trucks.

Broussard: Self-driving will never work

The first time I rode in a self-driving car was in 2007. And it did not inspire confidence in me.

2020 R8 supercar gets new styling, more hp; TT coupe faces uncertain future

The latest updates to Audi's two high-performance twin- seaters — the 2020 R8 V-10-powered supercar and the more diminutive four-cylinder-powered 2019 TT RS — are not only aimed at different buyers, they appear to be aimed in different directions.

Crossovers star in 2 auto shows in 1 week

It's not every auto show season that two major shows are going on at the same week. But there was a common thread between the shows in Shanghai and New York last week.

Buick dealers will get an extra helping of Encore

U.S. dealers will get a chance to sell the Encore GX small crossover shown in Shanghai last week.