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Pricey trim levels prove popular with Kicks buyers

Nissan has been surprised to see Kicks customers reaching for higher trims at a faster rate than the base model.

EV forecasts push engine parts makers to act

EVs make up a tiny share of U.S. sales, but the coming wave has engine part suppliers redeploying.

Never fear: Autonomy won't be ugly

Engineers are already adapting to accommodate the arrival of autonomous capabilities, contemplating how to package sensors and telecommunications gear in traditional vehicle types. But that's just a start. Looking ahead, they foresee more substantial overhauls that will change the relationship between people and vehicles.

Building a hiring plan around good behavior

Many dealers leave nothing to chance with ethics. Internal training, external audits and promoting from within as often as possible are the top tactics used to prevent compliance and ethical land mines.

It's not the money; it's how you make it

As new-vehicle margins continue to melt away, structuring a pay plan that rewards the F&I department but still ensures the job is done ethically and legally is one of dealers' greatest challenges, auto retail experts said.